10 Jun 2019

The Pulsar 40th Anniversary model

Born To Be Different 

PULSAR was born in an age of optimism. In the 1970’s,  everything seemed achievable, thanks to the rapidly growing technological expertise at the world’s fingertips. Space flight had been converted from dream to reality, computer science was developing at breakneck speed and electronics seemed to deliver new advances every day. PULSAR symbolised this age. With innovations like its celebrated calculator  watch and with the cutting edge quartz technology of the Seiko group behind it, Pulsar created a sensation when it was unveiled in New York in 1979.   It was new and it was bold. It was surprising and, most of all, it was different. First in the USA and soon afterwards in Europe, Canada, Australasia and elsewhere, Pulsar brought together the precision of quartz and  unbeatable value to create  a unique and lasting impact on the world stage.   


Today, forty years on, Pulsar is still true to its heritage, offering timepieces that bring quality, value and innovation to all.  These two Pulsar 40th Anniversary  Limited Edition watches commemorate the first four decades of Pulsar’s history. For some, forty years may be a long time. For Pulsar, it’s just the beginning.

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PULSAR burst onto the world watch market with the first ever LED watch in 1972 and since then the name has been synonymous with adventurous and leading edge design.


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